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About us

Douglas Weston Tradehouse prides itself on bespoke, innovative and sustainable products for both commercial and individual clients across a multitude of industries. Founder George Douglas-Weston established the company with the vision of inventing unique and efficient business solutions. We are committed to quality, whether its customer care or our one of a kind products and services.

Morality is just good business.


3D Printing

Rapid prototyping or bespoke products

With the help of our friends over at 3D Folkes, we currently own a set of five large 3D printers for our own manufacturing purposes. For those interested in getting anything printed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Primarily printing with PET-G for durable prints and using large nozzel heads to allow for rapid printing of large objects, our Creality CR-10S printers should be able to help with many larger 3D printing challenges.


Modern efficient farming

With ever increasing demands for food and ever decreasing productive land, Douglas Weston Tradehouse has plans in the works to develop new farming systems that sustainably increase yields and frees agriculture from its reliance on petrochemicals.


Bespoke software solutions

Work or play Douglas Weston Tradehouse is here for you. Our experienced industry programmer is available for bespoke web design, database design, game development and potential problem solving of other programming related issues. Also, look forward to our upcoming game to let off steam in your free time.

Bespoke software solutions. Whatever your issue, be sure to contact us and we will strive to work with you and to find the solution to your problems.

Our experienced programmer has skills in everything from ARM assembly code to web development to Java/C#/C++ and more, and experience in projects from complex distributed systems to developing and maintaining databases to game design.

Contact Us

How to get in touch

Orca fishfinding drone enquiries

Harry Rigby

Head of Sales & Acquisitions

(+44) 7873 182208

Any other enquiries

George Douglas-Weston

Chief Executive Officer

(+44) 7854 679234


Frequently asked questions

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I have a general question, who should I contact?

It would normally be best to contact George Douglas-Weston for general enquiries, otherwise, if you contact anyone else in contacts, they should direct you to the correct person